Thursday, June 05, 2008

MISCHIEF BREW new/old music

ALL AVAILABLE AT (Physical, online, all that...)

MISCHIEF BREW - "Jobs in Steeltown" 7" single (b-side: "The Barrel")

A two-song 45 that'll play on most jukeboxes. Two songs about urban and rural decay, to simplify it as best I can. With photographs by Christine Boarts-Larson (Slug & Lettuce)...
Whilst we were recording stuff for the split LP with Joe Jack Talcum (also coming soon), and demoing stuff for the next record... we banged out these two bittersweet bluesy/folky/junky ballads. Limited to 1,000 on marble-colored vinyl.


MISCHIEF BREW - "Boiling Breakfast Early" tape/online exclusive


Seekers of the first Mischief Brew demo ("Mirth") and lovers of raw scratchy cassette recordings unite. The long-talked-about "demo discography" is finally available. From both ends of the spectrum, of course: a physical version available on cassette only from Dead Format (a cassette-only label from Bethlehem, PA), and an online exclusive version available from Fistolo Records and Both versions will have an extra bonus track, exclusive to each release. The "Mirth" demo is included in its entirety, along with songs from both WKDU sets, "Don’t Spoil Yer Supper!", old compilations...and a few never-before-heard songs. An important chapter in the Mischief Brew story...

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1. Victory Dance of the Outlanders
2. One Stone Cast
3. A Liquor Never Brewed
4. Anti-Lullaby
5. Barratry Call
6. The Master is a Drunkard
7. The Stone Worker
8. Weapons
9. Liberty Unmasked
10. No Followers
11. The Lowly Carpenter
12. Boycott Me!
13. The Gambler
14. Devil’s Toast
15. A Rebel’s Romance
16. The Reinvention of the Printing Press (first acoustic demo - EXCLUSIVE TAPE BONUS TRACK)
16. One Stone Cast (practice session - EXCLUSIVE ONLINE BONUS TRACK)

MISCHIEF BREW/JOE JACK TALCUM "Photographs from the Shoebox" split LP/CD

This one is still in its mastering/conceptual stages, but it's moving along fairly quickly. 13 songs total from two Philly bands/artists. Joe Jack Talcum has been involved in a LOT of musical projects in Philadelphia over the years, from The Dead Milkmen to Low Budgets to Butterfly Joe. Meanwhile, flashback to a 16-year old Erik Petersen (Mischief Brew) skateboarding in a driveway whilst "Big Lizard in My Backyard" plays on a beat-up radio in the background. Both artists each do a modern rendition of a Dead Milkmen song. We'll have more info on this record as stuff moves onward... It will be released in the USA by Fistolo Records, and in Europe as a split release between Gunner Records and Klownhouse Records (Mischief Brew's and Low Budgets' Euro-labels, respectively).

Stay tuned...


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