Thursday, February 14, 2008

MEISCE - "Shipwrecked in a Bottle" CD, and distribution through

2 news items of note today.

Fistolo will release the full-length CD from Meisce (Seattle, WA), "Shipwrecked in a Bottle" (FIST-022). Meisce is a Celtic/Gypsy-influenced punk band featuring members of Inhaste, Wormwood, Slightly Less Than Nothing and more. We had already co-released the "Bored of the Dance" 7" single with Aborted Society Records, and knew this CD would eventually happen. Now it is off to the plant and will be available in time for Meisce's west coast tour down to the San Francisco Irish Festival.

Check out the band at

We will post more info on the album, put a song on the Fistolo myspace, and let you know about pre-orders soon.

The second newsworthy item is that Crimes Against Humanity Records, a DIY crust/grind/punk label from Eau Claire, WI, has launched a brand new DIY digital download store, CAHdownloads. We will be selling our releases through CAHdownloads, and they will probably be cheaper than any other digital download store out there. This is the first digital download store (as far as we know) catering specifically to extreme music, DIY punk rock and check it out! The albums are not on the site yet but will be in the coming weeks.

So cheers to Nick from Crimes Against Humanity Records for busting his arse to build this site! Other labels like Profane Existence, Rescued from Life, and Give Praise will be exclusively distributed through CAH as well. I imagine the catalog will continue to grow in the coming weeks.


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