Friday, June 15, 2007

On deck for Fistolo...

As if the new/old Witch Hunt CD and the new Bread & Roses CD weren't enough, here's what's next:

FIST-019: Witch Hunt "Blood Red States" CD. This will be a 2007 U.S. re-release of Witch Hunt's second LP. We are co-releasing it with the band themselves. Meanwhile, a vinyl version of "Blood Red States" is being remastered and pressed, released completely by the band. All will be available for their Aug/Sept tour.

FIST-020: The Can Kickers "Live @ LAVAZone" CD. On Jan. 31st 2007, The Can Kickers started a U.S. tour in Philly with this show, at an autonomous zone/radical library located in West Philly. We had been shooting the shite with the band about a live CD for some time, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do it! Red Planet Recording did a multi-track recording, and we just finished mixing. It is currently being mastered, and the artwork is in the works too.

FIST-021: Mischief Brew "Boiling Breakfast Early" DOWNLOAD PUNK EXCLUSIVE online release. Collection of early Mischief Brew demos/disasters, including the complete first demo, "Mirth," remixed and cleaned up a bit. Don't worry, a physical copy will be available in cassette format from Dead Format/Square of Opposition Records.

FIST-022: It could be one of three things but let's just leave it a mystery for now.


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