Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fistolo price adjustments and new ordering info

Hey folks!
We've decided to adjust our prices a bit - some things raised, some lowered, but overall we feel that things have balanced out and make a bit more sense.
Here are the new prices for Fistolo releases:
CD/LP = $10 post-paid in the U.S./$10 at shows
CDep = $6 post-paid in the U.S./$6 at shows
7" = $4 post-paid in the U.S./$4 at shows
Therefore, whether you buy a record at show, through mailorder or through paypal, it will all be the same price (plus, it's easier to conceal $10 cash than $9...less paper). So many orders for CDs have $10 in the envelope anyway, so this just makes it official.

PAYPAL: When ordering with paypal, you will only have to add a fee if your order is $25 or more. Here's a breakdown:
Orders $1-$24 = no fee
Orders $25-49 = please add $1
Orders $50-99 = please add $2
Orders $100-149 = please add $3
If by chance you are ordering more than $150 worth of stuff, not only are you dedicated and awesome, but should get in touch first to give us a heads up. Paypal orders will still go to fistolo[at]

Canada/Mexico: please add $1 to each item ordered (applies to both paypal and mailorder).

World orders: after much brain-racking, we decided to keep going with our current system. That is, please email fistolo[at] with the items you want, where you are from, and if you want surface or airmail. We'll respond with the price. Not only does this keep it more personal, it assures that you won't be paying too much or too little for shipping.

We are also going to start selling stickers and pins through the website...more info to follow.

In general, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We appreciate everyone's support so much, and will continue to put out great music of the punk/folk/swing/klezmer/olde tyme vein.

Denise, Erik, pugs


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