Saturday, June 19, 2010

"Fight Dirty" available on CD, tape, online stores...

Hey kids... in case you haven't come across it, Guignol & Mischief Brew "Fight Dirty" is available from Interpunk, Punk N Junk, CD Baby, and more... it is also available on cassette from The Cottage Records. And iTunes, emusic, all that jazz.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mischief Brew's "Boiling Breakfast Early" (Demo discog) available through online stores.

We've decided to release "Boiling Breakfast Early" on iTunes, Emusic, and all major online stores. This is the "demo discography" including the first Mischief Brew demo in its entirety... as well as rare radio, rehearsal, and demo tracks. It's still scratchy four-track recordings, but it's been remixed and remastered, so it's better than its ever sounded!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Working on a new Fistolo site...

Well, this is partially to say that a new Fistolo Records website is being worked on...and partially to test the RSS feeds! We'll post when it's ready to go... cheers!

Sunday, December 07, 2008


FRANZ NICOLAY - "Major General" CD

Franz Nicolay is that dapper, mustachioed multi-instrumentalist and man-about-town you’ve seen with such groups as The Hold Steady and World/Inferno Friendship Society. On Major General, he steps up to the spotlight with a melodramatic grab-bag of full-throated songs, stories, and days of wine & roses; shamelessly strident, stentorian and more than a little sentimental. Major General is rich with tales of punk-rock disillusionment, redemption, nostalgic regret, ruthless self-interrogations & reinvention, and defiant yet affectionate apologies. It’s a new look for the stylishly vaudevillian jack-of-all-trades with the Jimmy Durante and death’s-head-accordion tattoos. A new stop on a hobo’s-trail of intelligent, incisive hedonism that’s taken him through anarcho-circus punk, Balkan-gypsy, new chamber music, and anthemic classic rock.


1. Jeff Penalty (Featuring Demander)
2. Hey Dad!
3. World/Inferno Vs. The End Of The Evening
4. Dead Sailors
5. Do We Not Live In Dreams?
6. Confessions Of An Ineffective Casanova
7. Quiet Where I Lie
8. Note On A Subway Wall
9. Nightratsong
10. X-games
11. This World Is An Open Door
12. Cease-fire, Or, Mrs. Norman Maine
13. I'm Done Singing

Available 1/13/09 from Fistolo Records.
Rolling Stone Blog featuring exclusive mp3 here.
Pre-order from HERE.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

MISCHIEF BREW new/old music

ALL AVAILABLE AT (Physical, online, all that...)

MISCHIEF BREW - "Jobs in Steeltown" 7" single (b-side: "The Barrel")

A two-song 45 that'll play on most jukeboxes. Two songs about urban and rural decay, to simplify it as best I can. With photographs by Christine Boarts-Larson (Slug & Lettuce)...
Whilst we were recording stuff for the split LP with Joe Jack Talcum (also coming soon), and demoing stuff for the next record... we banged out these two bittersweet bluesy/folky/junky ballads. Limited to 1,000 on marble-colored vinyl.


MISCHIEF BREW - "Boiling Breakfast Early" tape/online exclusive


Seekers of the first Mischief Brew demo ("Mirth") and lovers of raw scratchy cassette recordings unite. The long-talked-about "demo discography" is finally available. From both ends of the spectrum, of course: a physical version available on cassette only from Dead Format (a cassette-only label from Bethlehem, PA), and an online exclusive version available from Fistolo Records and Both versions will have an extra bonus track, exclusive to each release. The "Mirth" demo is included in its entirety, along with songs from both WKDU sets, "Don’t Spoil Yer Supper!", old compilations...and a few never-before-heard songs. An important chapter in the Mischief Brew story...

To order the tape, go to
To buy it from Downloadpunk:

1. Victory Dance of the Outlanders
2. One Stone Cast
3. A Liquor Never Brewed
4. Anti-Lullaby
5. Barratry Call
6. The Master is a Drunkard
7. The Stone Worker
8. Weapons
9. Liberty Unmasked
10. No Followers
11. The Lowly Carpenter
12. Boycott Me!
13. The Gambler
14. Devil’s Toast
15. A Rebel’s Romance
16. The Reinvention of the Printing Press (first acoustic demo - EXCLUSIVE TAPE BONUS TRACK)
16. One Stone Cast (practice session - EXCLUSIVE ONLINE BONUS TRACK)

MISCHIEF BREW/JOE JACK TALCUM "Photographs from the Shoebox" split LP/CD

This one is still in its mastering/conceptual stages, but it's moving along fairly quickly. 13 songs total from two Philly bands/artists. Joe Jack Talcum has been involved in a LOT of musical projects in Philadelphia over the years, from The Dead Milkmen to Low Budgets to Butterfly Joe. Meanwhile, flashback to a 16-year old Erik Petersen (Mischief Brew) skateboarding in a driveway whilst "Big Lizard in My Backyard" plays on a beat-up radio in the background. Both artists each do a modern rendition of a Dead Milkmen song. We'll have more info on this record as stuff moves onward... It will be released in the USA by Fistolo Records, and in Europe as a split release between Gunner Records and Klownhouse Records (Mischief Brew's and Low Budgets' Euro-labels, respectively).

Stay tuned...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

MEISCE - "Shipwrecked in a Bottle" CD, and distribution through

2 news items of note today.

Fistolo will release the full-length CD from Meisce (Seattle, WA), "Shipwrecked in a Bottle" (FIST-022). Meisce is a Celtic/Gypsy-influenced punk band featuring members of Inhaste, Wormwood, Slightly Less Than Nothing and more. We had already co-released the "Bored of the Dance" 7" single with Aborted Society Records, and knew this CD would eventually happen. Now it is off to the plant and will be available in time for Meisce's west coast tour down to the San Francisco Irish Festival.

Check out the band at

We will post more info on the album, put a song on the Fistolo myspace, and let you know about pre-orders soon.

The second newsworthy item is that Crimes Against Humanity Records, a DIY crust/grind/punk label from Eau Claire, WI, has launched a brand new DIY digital download store, CAHdownloads. We will be selling our releases through CAHdownloads, and they will probably be cheaper than any other digital download store out there. This is the first digital download store (as far as we know) catering specifically to extreme music, DIY punk rock and check it out! The albums are not on the site yet but will be in the coming weeks.

So cheers to Nick from Crimes Against Humanity Records for busting his arse to build this site! Other labels like Profane Existence, Rescued from Life, and Give Praise will be exclusively distributed through CAH as well. I imagine the catalog will continue to grow in the coming weeks.

Monday, February 04, 2008

CAN KICKERS - Feb. 2008 Tour Dates!

Check it out... CAN KICKERS FEB. 2008 tour dates. Also, the Feb. 14-15 New London shows are also official release parties for "Live at Lavazone." But first, a word from Doug Schaefer...

"The February tour is just about all lined up. I think we said something about not touring again. Obviously we are lying scumbags. See you at the shows. We're also looking for people to put up flyers in these towns. If you're interested in helping out email us at Thanks!


(Dates subject to change. Check or for updates.)

Tuesday, February 12th- JAMAICA PLAIN, MA @ Midway Cafe 3496 Washington Street 9 PM w/Whoa Man Jesus and Pariah Beat

Wednesday, February 13th- AMHERST, MA @ Hampshire College 8 PM All Ages Benefit for Flywheel Arts Space w/Chris Merenda (The Mammals), Zebu. Free for Hampshire Students, donations everyone else. Proceeds support Flywheel.

Thursday, February 14th- NEW LONDON, CT @ Bean and Leaf 13 Washington Street All Ages CD Release party for "Live at LavaZone" on Fistolo Records 7 PM Early Show

Thursday, February 14th- NEW LONDON, CT @ Oasis Pub 16 Bank Street 21+ CD release party for "Live at LavaZone" on Fistolo Records 21+ w/Paul Brockett Roadshow! 10 PM

Friday, February 15th- Brooklyn, NY @ Death by Audio 49 S 2nd between Wythe and Kent in Williamsburg w/Guignol, Mimi Lavalley 8 PM All Ages Trains:L to Bedford, JM to Marcy, G to Metropolitan for info

Saturday, February 16th- WASHINGTON, DC @ The Velvet Lounge 915 U Street w/Sounds of Kaleidescope, Relay, Aunt Dracula for info

Sunday, February 17th- STAUNTON, VA @ Baja Bean 9 W Beverly Street 9:30 PM

Monday, February 18th- GREENVILLE, NC @ Spazzatorium Galleria 807 Dickinson Ave All Ages 8 PM

Tuesday, February 19th- CARRBORO, NC @ Reservoir Bar 100-A Brewer Lane for complete info

Wednesday, February 20th- FLORENCE, SC @ 511 House 511 W Pine Street w/Mountain Yellers All Ages 8 PM

Thursday, February 21st- GAINESVILLE, FL @ Wayward Council 807 W University 8 PM All Ages

Friday, February 22nd- TALLAHASSEE, FL @ Oaf House 521 Conradi Street All Ages, 8 PM, donation for bands.

Saturday, February 23rd- JACKSONVILLE, FL @ Doozer's Pub 7636 North Main Street w/Helio's Eye, SuperAids, 2Legit, The Devil Runs the Truckstop for info

Sunday, February 24th- ATHENS, GA @ Transmetropolitan Pizza 145 East Clayton All Ages w/Pine Hill Haints, Hot New Mexicans

Monday, February 25th- ATLANTA, GA @ 11:11 Tea Shop 753 Edgewood Ave NE w/Pine Hill Haints, Ben Tricky

Tuesday, February 26th- HUNTSVILLE, AL @ The Flying Monkey 2211 Seminole w/Pine Hill Haints, Mosquito Bandito

Wednesday, February 27th- Florence, AL @ Black Owl Trading Company 1207 North Wood Avenue w/Pine Hill Haints, Counter Clockwise

Thursday, February 28th- LITTLE ROCK, AR @ White Water Tavern 2500 W 7th Street w/Pine Hill Haints, Counter Clockwise

Friday, February 29th-Sunday March 2nd- COLUMBIA, MO @ True/False Film Festival