Thursday, September 06, 2007


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 6th, 3-6 PM (2pm boarding), ALL AGES!
Brought to you by the good people at Rocks Off and the evil people at Fistolo Records.

Every punk that’s ever seen Sid and Nancy knows they wanted to be on that boat, singing “God Save the Queen” and spitting at the swimming pigs. Oh come on, admit it. And while you’re at it, you can also admit that punk rock shows on moving boats might well be the best pairing since the hammock and the pina colada.

Which is why we’ve been itchin’ to do a mini-fest on a boat for a while now, and the good news is that it’s finally happening! Mark your calendars: Saturday October 6th, a 3-6pm cruise (which will be PERFECT autumn sunset time), on the East River in New York City. Because of the limited time we have (a three-hour tour – you had to know that was coming), we had to choose three bands: Mischief Brew, Witch Hunt, and Bread & Roses. So you got your sea-shanty/labor folk orchestra of Bread & Roses, the demonic folk punk of Mischief Brew, and the relentless anarcho-punk powerhouse of Witch Hunt. Aside from the rad line-up, those attending will also experience a rare view of Manhattan: the boat will sail south on the East River, pass underneath the Williamsburg, Manhattan, and Brooklyn bridges, through New York harbor and around the Statue of Liberty. Then, of course, it makes the same trip in reverse. Not to mention there is a bar on board, which does not affect the cruise being all ages. Yeah, this shit is gonna kick ass.

Because of the limited space on the boat, it is strongly recommended that you buy your tickets in advance. Plus, it is a bit cheaper: $20 advance, as opposed to $25 at the dock at boarding. Now I know that is more than you are used to paying for a three-band bill of DIY punk. But keep this in mind: if you took a cruise without the music on a boat in NYC, it would probably run you, oh say, $16? Maybe more? For $20-25 you can take the cruise, see the show, dance to the bands, drink at the bar, hang out with your friends, watch the sunset, and pretty much guarantee yourself a great time all around.

So, here’s to punks and boats!

Thanks and cheers! Ring in the autumn!

Love, the kind folks and pugs at Fistolo Records.

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