Thursday, March 08, 2007

CD Spotlight on Mutiny...

There will be a CD spotlight on Mutiny's "Co-op Brewery" on the "Off the Beat-n-Track Radio Show" the weekend of March 10. The show is nationally distributed and airs on WKZE in Red Hook, NY, WHAY in Whitley City, KY, WBSD in Burlington, WI, and For play lists and a schedule of air times, please visit the radio show page at or A podcast of each week's show becomes available every Saturday night at 11:59PM (EST) at or I-Tunes =143441. This week’s CD Spotlight is on Co-op Brewery by Mutiny.

For the past 25 years, singer-songwriter, producer, and author Todd Mack has been championing indie music. He hosts and produces the Off the Beat-n-Track Radio Show at his Off the Beat-n-Track recording studio in Southfield, MA. The program spotlights music from independent artists of all genres from throughout the country and beyond. In addition to spinning discs, the show features in-studio performances & interviews and spotlights on new independent releases, artists, and burgeoning music scenes. Please check our website for play lists, artist contact info, schedule of events, and more.