Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Mutiny CD and Meisce single in one shot!

Hey folks!
A little tidbit of news before we depart for Europe: the new Mutiny CD, "Co-op Brewery," and the new Meisce 7" single, "Bored of the Dance," will be coming out at the same time. Unless we say otherwise, the release date is October 31st, Helloween!
Since we'll be gone most of October, we won't post the ordering info until we get back. You'll definitely want to hear these ones. It's a whole batch of drinkin', hellraisin', boot-stompin' songs about everything from co-operatively run microbreweries to slaying Michael Flatley. From Celtic/Gypsy-influenced punk rock to Australian fiddles and squeezeboxes...our aim is to keep ya dancin'!